We are so excited to announce the addition of four great new products to our already fantastic product offerings! These salads are a step away from the traditional... They will be available for shipment on June 4th. If you are a deli or distributor, please contact your Mrs. Gerry's sales representative for samples. 


Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are gently mashed and combined with whole milk, butter, brown sugar and seasonings.


Dill Potato Salad

Diced red potatoes are covered in a rich mayonnaise and sour cream dressing that is flavored with dill relish and seasonings.


Artichoke Tomato Salad

Quartered artichoke hearts and fresh tomato wedges are tossed in a vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing along with whole kernel corn, crinkle-cut green pepper strips, roasted red pepper strips, white and green onions.


Garden Bean Salad

Kidney beans, chickpeas, and black beans are combined in a white wine vinegar dressing along with cucumbers, white onions, black olives, and red, green, and yellow bell peppers.