What is the Find Mrs. Gerry's Products List?

We want to make it easier for our customers to find locations that offer Mrs. Gerry's products.

How can I add my store to the list?

When you submit a request for labels, you can include your information to be added to the list.   
You also can sign-up using our store locator sign-up page.

Why are you doing this?

One of the most frequently asked questions that our Customer Service representatives receive is - "Where can I find your products?".  We want to make it easier for our customers to be your customers.  While we would love to include you in our list of locations serving Mrs. Gerry's products, we also understand and respect your decision to elect  

Why are you asking locations to be on the list rather than publishing all the locations that carry your product?

We understand and respect that not every location can or wants to make it known that they carry Mrs. Gerry's products.  After all, when you make the best in sides and salads, not everyone wants to admit that they bought it from someone else - and we won't tell your secret.

Will you list each product that a location carries?

At this time we are starting with just the locations that carry our products - since many locations will vary their products throughout the year.  To find out what each location carries, each location will have contact information available so that customers can inquire directly.